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What we can do to help

We have vast experience acting for children and their families who have been affected by cerebral palsy.  We understand that when a family is affected by this it places an immense physical and emotional strain on the whole family.

Will, Trusts and Probate advice

Our solicitors take every step to make this a straightforward and easy to understand process. We have many years of experience, in particular dealing with setting up trusts for your loved ones and Wills that will take care of them when you no longer can. We appreciate every situation is unique - which is why we encourage face to face meetings to understand your exact needs. We will ensure that you get all of the advice and guidance you need so that you and your family can rest assured, knowing you are prepared for any event. 

Medical Negligence

You deserve answers as to why your child has developed this condition and a full explanation as to what has happened. We can help get these answers and, where appropriate, secure compensation for your child. We understand that the financial aspect is not necessarily the key factor as no amount of money can put things right and compensate your child for the brain damage that they have suffered. However, we aim to achieve the best settlement award possible for you, not just to compensate your child for their physical injuries but also to put in place a lifetime package of support for them and their family. If you have concerns about any treatment during pregnancy/labour or generally about any care being received contact our team today.

Employment advice in the event of hiring carers

Not everyone is aware that when you hire support services such as carer's for your dependents, you can effectively become an employer. We can assist with contracts of employment to protect you from liability and advise on employee's rights and employers responsibilities so that you can feel secure in your decisions and protect your family from any undue stress. Our Employment Lawyers can put your mind at rest and can be contacted here.

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